Cosmetics with the Organic milk of mare La Soulane

Cosmetics with the Organic milk of mare La Soulane

Isabelle and Pierre Callico stockbreeders in the South of France

In Corbières Green in Cathar country, Isabelle and Pierre Callico have a property, the grounds and pastures of Soulane are worked in Organic farming - Certification ECOCERT -.
The mares of Soulane profit from a wild and natural environment.

Biochemical composition:

The milk of mare is adapted more for the human nutrition than the cow's milk, as it is known as as the milk of mare is closer to the milk of woman in terms of composition. Certain authors indicate that the milk of mare is adapted more to infantile consumption than the cow's milk.

Nutritional and therapeutic value:

It is rich but also very fragile and deteriorates with the free air, also the SOULANE produces the milk of mare in form freeze-dried (powder and capsules) like food supplement. (Strong content of fatty-acids omega 3 and 6) .

Cosmetic products containing milk of mare

Virtues dermatologiques

  • Hydratation: the milk proteins, the hydrolysat of casein, the whey and the glycoprotéines of milk have a hydrating power.
  • Fight against cellular ageing
  • the hydrolysat of casein takes part in the maintenance of the pH of the skin.

.LA SOULANE develops an important range of COSMETICS ORGANIC containing milk of mare; Freezing-showers, Shampoos, Creams of care for the Face and the Body, of the Soaps for all the skins.

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