Cosmetics with the Organic oil of hemp Canna d Oc

Cosmetics with the Organic oil of hemp Canna d Oc

Odile OSORIO is a biological woman farmer of Gard, in Lasalle. She produces and transforms hemp since very many years, also she proposes to us a broad product range of beauty containing oil of hemp.
CANNA D'OC is the name given to a range of cosmetics made in the Cevennes starting from Biological seeds of hemp
Soft and balanced, the oil of hemp is excellent oils natural. Unrefined olive oil, it is obtained by mechanical pressure of seeds.
The oil of hempe is most effective of the natural oils used in cosmetic. Fluid, it has an extraordinary capacity of penetration, which in fact an incomparable oil of massage; it can be regarded as a “dry” oil.
Pomades:  Oil of hemp, beeswax and an essential oil suspicion, a receipt of a great simplicity for a care easy to assimilate.
Very repairing, easy to spread out, the pomade is used head with the feet, without leaving the fatty skin.

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